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  • Spinetail Safaris Bird Guides

    Turtle Bay Beach Club has teamed up with Spinetail Safaris, offering you some of the best local guides available.
  • David Ngala

    David was the first bird guide in Arabuko-Sokoke and is known internationally for his passion for the forest and his intimate knowledge of its birds and the traditional uses of its 600-odd plant species.

    He started guiding in 1983 in his spare time and has also led tours in other parts of Kenya and as far afield as Uganda and Tanzania. He is a member of the Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest committee and an avid conservationist. He is also a notorious story teller.

  • Willye Kombe

    Willy started guiding in Arabuko-Sokoke and surrounding areas in 1993 focusing particularly on birds, plants and animals.

    Willy is involved in regular monitoring and research activities in Arabuko-Sokoke Forest having assisted particularly in projects on the Sokoke Scops Owl, Amani Sunbird, Sokoke Pipit and Golden-rumped Elephant Shrew.

  • Albert Baya

    Albert has been guiding in Arabuko-Sokoke Forest since 1996 and specialises in birds and plants.

    He is one of the few people able to find the Sokoke Scops Owl at its daytime roost and is involved in regular bird monitoring activities.

    Coming from a family background rich in local Giriama traditions, he is extremely knowledgeable in the tribal culture. Albert is also conversant in the German language.


Bird Watching

Use the links below to explore our bird watching activities.

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